Solutions. We are a youthful, exuberant team of professionals with ample experience completing large-scale international film projects in Sri Lanka. We specialize in film location services, permissions/permits for filming, shooting logistics, Art setups, film assistants, casting services, craft services, and any assistance you need to make your film project a success. 

The Process of Filming in Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka has been a country that has been under the radar as a filming location. Research through the internet also can give you contradicting facts that might add to more confusion. Thus, it’s important to connect with us who have ample knowledge of navigating the Sri Lankan landscape. Look no further for filming location services in Sri Lanka as we begin our journey together. 


All good things start with one-on-one communication. You could get in touch with us directly by phone call or a WhatsApp call. You could also Email us as we respond quickly to any inquiry. We can send you ample information on location decks, weather patterns, social/cultural norms, estimated budgets, filming queries, and any information that we think will be useful to you. We are confident in giving you the most accurate information so you have all the facts in your hand to make an important decision to film in Sri Lanka.

Location Recce 

If you have decided that Sri Lanka has serious potential as your next filming location, we invite you to visit us to scout out the locations that caught your eye. Our team has a vast knowledge and passion for exploring filming locations in Sri Lanka. This will help us work efficiently with time and resources to identify the best film locations to further your confidence to film in Sri Lanka. 

Approvals / Permissions / Visas 

If you are satisfied with Sri Lanka as a filming location the next step would be the approvals process from the National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka (NFC). We have a great relationship with the authorities at the NFC for expedited script approval processes. We also can acquire the filming approval and the approval of the selected location for filming. We can guide you towards attaining the most suitable visa for your stay in Sri Lanka with our ongoing relationship with the Department of Immigration in Sri Lanka. We guarantee this process will be a trouble-free process that will kick start our journey of filming in Sri Lanka. 

Pre-Production Process 

With all the approvals obtained and the filming locations in Sri Lanka locked we can concentrate on the pre-production process. We can be of great assistance for any Art preparations / set constructions with one of the most senior art directors working on board with us with over 40 years of experience constructing art sets for any need. The best accommodation rates can be acquired through us as we will negotiate and bargain to get you the best rate available. Equipment hiring, casting, action vehicles, and film assistant hiring could be done through us to match your exact need. 

Filming Process 

The most important part of the whole journey is a seamless and efficient filming process. We can provide you with the best production crew, Location managers, assistant directors, gaffers, transport managers, ambulance services, security personnel, drone operators, BTS photographers, make-up artists, and key grips, just to name a few. We will have complete control of the location mitigating any external issues that may prop up during filming in Sri Lanka. 


Our enthusiastic team thrives on being involved in production and genuinely loves what they do. Unfiltered passion motivates us to make Sri Lanka one of the prime film destinations in Asia. Its diverse locations, culture, architecture, and people all add to the uniqueness of filming in Sri Lanka. We guarantee you an unmatched service when you work with us at Circle 360, Please contact us for any information we have not provided.